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As Oral Health Professionals we have known for some time that the oral environment is key to general health.

You will know too that our health is dependent on a good relationship with bacteria, good and bad, that live in the gut, and you may well even use probiotics to maintain that. What is less well known is the importance of a similar “ecosystem” within our mouths. The Dental Profession has been very successful in getting the general public well informed about “plaque”, the build-up of bacteria on the teeth and gums which are responsible, if not removed regularly, for tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. This has been an excellent, and successful, public health message, and the result is that most people brush their teeth regularly, and know the importance of regular check-ups, and oral hygiene visits. The truth is that it’s more complicated. If your mouth and more particularly gums are unhealthy (red swollen and/or bleeding) they are allowing bacteria to enter your blood stream and this can increase your risk of cardiovascular diseases, damaged heart valves, strokes, respiratory disease, dementia and diabetes amongst other health risks. So “a healthy mouth in a healthy body” is the new watchword.

We’re ready now to step that public knowledge up, and you’ll notice in the coming year that adverts on TV, and articles in newspapers and magazines will be talking about “biofilms”, rather than plaque. There are over 700 different bacteria that live in the human mouth, both good and bad. These bacteria breed under the gum line, between your teeth and at the back of your tongue, all the hard to reach places where even brushing generally fails to reach. They are very sticky and adhesive, so mechanical cleaning and removal of biofilm both at home and with the dental hygienist remain key to oral, and general, health.

The health of the mouth is often seen as a separate issue from general health – even though evidence shows that, by optimising dental health, we make significant, positive impacts on our wellbeing.

In the UK, 47% of the adult population have moderate to severe gum disease, so that’s 33 million people in danger of compromising their general health.

In addition to educating the general public about the role of oral biofilm in general health, we can also spread the news of the way that new technology not only disrupts biofilm, but also makes the whole hygiene visit more comfortable. We are one of the first U.K. practice using the Award winning  Air Flow Master technology. Air- Flow Master is state of the art, and uses soft powder with warm water to cleanse and detox the whole mouth. The fine soft powder Erythritol cleanses painlessly above and below the gum and the tongue too giving your mouth that ultimate clean feeling, and disrupting and eliminating the biofilm.