Children's Treatments

Dental care for children

Children's Guided Biofilm Therapy

Taking care of children's teeth and gums


As a parent it can be frustrating making sure your kids and teens are taking care of their teeth and gums. Habits formed at an early age go on to become second nature. From experience nagging doesn’t seem to help!!!  At Flossbar prevention is key to oral health for the next generation.

The majority of children in hospital in Scotland for a general anaesthesia are there for a dental procedure... a worrying statistic!!!  We want to break down the barriers of fear and pain that is often thought of when attending the Dental Clinic.

There are no drills in the Flossbar and all our equipment is visible.

We offer a service to worried parents, if you bring your children to us we will carry out an oral health assessment , making the appointment fun and friendly. You can ask us for any advice on oral health , diet and home care regimes. We will use a dye on the teeth to show areas that are being missed at home with tooth brushing. Hands on toothbrushing advice will be carried out.

Airflow® will then be used to remove any remaining deposits. It is a great introduction to dental treatment as it is pain free. The active ingredient in the powder we use for Airflow® has been shown to suppress the regrowth of the bacteria that causes gum disease and tooth decay.