Guided Biofilm Therapy

A revolutionary whole mouth detox

Guided Biofilm Therapy a revolutionary way to carry out your dental hygiene visit


Using Airflow® technology it is a comfortable and thorough way to have your whole mouth detoxed.

Stage 1 - A full oral health assessment and oral cancer screen with the aid of Intra oral cameras .

Stage 2 - We will colour the bacteria in the mouth so we can identify it , this ensures we never leave any deposits behind.

Stage 3 - Time to review your current oral hygiene regime and offer any suggestions that may make it easier for you to maintain good oral health.

Stage 4 - The dental spa!! We will remove the bacteria and deposits from your mouth using Airflow®. Airflow® is a gentle stream of warm water, powder and air which is used above the gum, below the gum and the tongue. Airflow® will also take away stains from the tooth surfaces.

Stage 5 - If you have periodontitis we will use Perioflow® to remove bacteria from any areas of pocketing. Perioflow® is a pain free way to maintain periodontitis quickly and efficiently.

Stage 6 - Any remaining hard deposits will be gently taken away with our pain free instrument , again the water is warm so no need to worry about sensitivity.

Stage 7 - We will check out your fresh mouth and bright smile and apply a fluoride treatment.

Stage 8 - Depending on your needs we will schedule your next visit to Flossbar.

Guided Biofilm Therapy Diagram