Oral hygiene services at Flossbar

Professional care by our experienced dental hygienist

Oral Hygiene Service

Up-to-date modern treatment is assured from our G.D.C. registered hygienist


Anyone who has visited a Dental Hygienist knows how great your mouth feels after your treatment.

Running your tongue along the surfaces of your teeth and getting that special just cleaned feeling with the added bonus of your teeth looking brighter. You can not only see the difference but feel the difference.

At Flossbar we will not only focus on removing deposits from the tooth surface, we will be carrying out a full Oral Health assessment to help you prevent Dental disease.

Most peoples worst nightmare is losing their teeth -even I have had that dream...

Our practice is led by a very experienced Dental Hygiene team who put prevention at the heart of their treatments, using state of the art Airflow® technology alongside comprehensive advice and assessment.

More than half the population of the UK are affected by gum disease without even knowing, even at its mildest level and it can affect your quality of life. There is evidence of the strong link between diabetes and gum disease.  Most recently the link between cardiac health, Alzheimer’s and gum disease has also emerged.

Gum disease is completely treatable if diagnosed early enough.

To reduce the risk of your worst nightmare by losing teeth due to dental diseases , take control and ensure your teeth are checked regularly by a Dental professional.