Special Occasions

Professional Teeth Whitening for a Special Occasion


Professional Teeth Whitening

For brides and grooms, for job prospects or a confidence boost...


Brides and grooms… pay attention!

The photos that will be taken on your special day will last a lifetime, so make sure that the background fairy lights aren’t the most radiant objects in your pictures.

Achieve your sparkling pearly whites with our in- office teeth whitening in Troon before your big day.

Although a special occasion can be a good excuse to get your teeth whitened, the effects can still be enjoyed for up to 18 months afterwards. That’s just 60 minutes spent in our teeth whitening clinic in Troon for 18 months of beautiful teeth, and your teeth whitening could last even longer if you use the appropriate aftercare.

Whether you’re wanting teeth whitening for job prospects, a confidence boost or simply a top-up on your natural colour, Flossbar is the right answer to put a bright smile on your face today.

At FLOSSBAR, all our whitening treatments start with a FREE consultation by our experienced GDC registered dentist Dr W S Thomson, to assess suitability and tailor your whitening treatment to suit your own requirements.

We use state of the art, safe , advanced and modern techniques to provide you with the best possible and most importantly , healthy mouth and smile.